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The Seismological Society of Japan (SSJ) invites you to join a mail group 'SSJ-iml' to encourage communication between researchers in SSJ and researchers/specialists of earthquakes and seismic hazard problems around the world. We also strongly welcome people who are tasked with seismic observations and hazard problems in countries lacking earthquake researchers/specialists.

As shown recently by the great Sumatra-Andaman earthquake and its devasting effects around the Indian Ocean, the problems of earthquakes and disaster mitigation issues are not limited to single countries. It is important for us to share our knowledge of earthquakes and the related damaging effects, help each other to solve problems in seismic observations, and explore together efforts in earthquake disaster mitigation.

In the past, SSJ has been involved in many levels of earthquake research and seismic hazard problems, from personal contacts to institutional interactions in Japan (You can see a brief introduction to SSJ at the site). We now hope to take on the challenge of expanding the connections to a wider international community.

SSJ offers a tool to encourage the international communication by forming this mail group. The mail group welcomes researchers/specialists who want to share information about earthquakes, discuss issues about earthquakes and seismic hazard problems, solve problems in seismic observations and analyses, and inform people of workshops, symposiums or other appropriate announcements.

To join the mail group, please send your entry request (an e-mail message with the subject 'entry request') to ''. The information should include (1) name, (2) organization, (3) city, (4) country, and (5) e-mail address. No fee is charged to join the mail group. No membership of SSJ is required. The mail system will accept English e-mail messages sent only from enrolled addresses, and the messages will be distributed to all addresses enrolled.

This system is tentatively planned to continue until May 2006 and further coninuation will be decided by SSJ at the time.

All persons join the mail group on their own personal responsibility.

Thank you for your interest in this challenge.

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